Defining luxury is a subjective perspective whereby we define something through the eye gate of life. At Carolina Automotive Design Solutions, we engineer our luxury vans from that perspective. We design so that your senses will be on overload. We design so that the first words spoken by our customers are wow, or even better, speechless…

Transparent Sprinter ps

What defines us further is the quality behind the luxury that we offer. We like to boast that our luxury vehicles are in the hands of master craftsman. And in fact, they are. Our team of master craftsman strive to build, engineer and develop the best product in the market place. We are proud of our team and their standard of excellence is broadcast every time you step into your new Sprinter.


Whether you are a University looking for a transportation vehicle for a sports team, an upscale hotel, an executive shuttle, a limousine service or even a family looking to travel in style, we offer you our very best and look forward to serving you and making customers for a lifetime.