Lampire Recommendation

February 8, 2019

In May of last year, Lampire was in the market for a new cargo van, but one that would also have dual capabilities to transport our clients around our facilities. Lampire’s clients consist of Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic companies throughout the world that routinely audit our facilities. The majority of cargo vans on the market today have aftermarket additions of seating and windows installed. Selecting a company to do this work is not an easy decision. Our search for the initial van, purchase and subsequent modification of the van took us about 3 months to determine the van and best place to get the modifications done. The finished product after Carolina Utility Vehicles far exceeded our expectations. The pictures provided with this recommendation letter do not do the van justice.

Our initial cargo van was modified with the following:

  • Cargo area windows
  • Modular seating which can be re-arranged or added to as needed due to the track system in the floor
  • Flooring system for the seats
  • Tow Package
  • Rear lighting package

And many more. The van and work were exceptional and this van has been very impressive for both us and our clients with a number of our clients commenting on the fact that they believe they are being picked up by a Limo service from the airport. Lampire and myself cannot recommend Bob Ernsberger and Carolina Utility Vehicles enough and would select them again next time we are in the market for another van.

Gary Klinger
General Manager
Lampire Biological Laboratories, Inc.

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