GCAA / WGCA SHOW – Las Vegas

Carolina Automotive Design Solutions (CADS) just finished exhibiting at the GCAA / WGCA Golf Show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show was a massive success with colleges attending from all across the United States!

Carolina Automotive Design Solutions introduced their new 2019 GCAA / WGCA Sprinter at the show, courtesy of The Florida Gators and head coach JC Deacon! Our newly designed Sprinter introduced several new features and designs, including the very first custom printed ceiling featuring the school’s “Gator” logo. We also debuted the first custom, 3-D printed, LED, rear logo panel incorporating the school’s logo. As well, custom, 3-D printed logo panels were included in the rear golf section for an additional logo enhancement.

Our new Sprinter design includes upgraded seating with embroidered logos, custom overhead wooden luggage racks with locking covers, custom blinds, custom interior fabric, and matching wall paneling. Our rear golf storage area features lower pull-out drawers for easier access and of course, spacious storage above for golf clubs, carts, and luggage. As well, the rear golf storage allows the team to remove the lower pull-out drawers and use that same space for golf club storage. These drawers enhance the overall storage capacity utilizing every inch of space!

One of the essential features of our custom-built Sprinters is that we offer the dual rear wheel (DRW) chassis as standard equipment! Safety is paramount, and the DRW chassis provides the coaches and athletes peace of mind while traveling. In the event of a rear tire failure, you have two wheels on each side versus one wheel on each side with the single rear wheel chassis. “The safety of the athletes and coaching staff is first and foremost. The single rear wheel chassis was never a consideration.” Remarks Bob Ernsberger, president of CADS.

We want to thank the entire staff at the GCAA and WGCA for their incredible support and help throughout the whole show. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results and continue to be a proud sponsor of their respective organizations.

We would also like to thank all the coaches, too numerous for mentioning, that took the time to stop by our booth to say hello and take a look at our new Sprinter! Great to make new friends and looking forward to building new relationships. Thank you for all you do with our young athletes, and we wish you the very best in the upcoming New Year!

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