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Carolina Automotive Design Solutions is proud to offer the biggest, toughest, and most durable ramp in the industry! Our Ramp System is one of the first, built-in, walk-in-walk-out ramps in the industry! And more importantly, our walk-in-walk-out ramp, provides the ultimate in safety and efficiency for your business and employees.

Built-In Ramp Systems

Choice is always the key when it comes to our customer’s needs! At Carolina Automotive Design Solutions, we give you the best of both worlds. Not only do we offer the built-in, heavy duty ramps, we now offer our New, Fold-Away Ramp Systems!

Fold-Away Ramp Systems

Transporting your crew to the job site with their gear and materials is significantly more convenient when your work van is fitted with a Crew Cab interior seating system. Convenient, comfortable and

Crew Cab Upfit
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Ramp Systems and Crew Cabs that Work for Business




With industry-first products, like our new Built-In Ramp System, Ramp/Worktable, and our new Crew Cab interior seating system, we design products that keep your employees safe, and help make their workday more efficient.

Here are just a few of the business applications our ramps and seating systems can be used for:

HVAC • Plumbing • Electrical • Landscaping • Catering • Delivery Service • Moving Company • Public Storage • Equipment Transport • Rental • Real Estate Van • Flooring • Bicycle & Motorcycle Shops • Disaster Relief Vans • Mobile Detailer • Scooter Rentals... and more!

Whether you have one vehicle, or a fleet of vehicles, our ramps and seating systems offer the safety and efficiency your business needs!

Our staff is eager to help you get exactly what you need for your business. Call us today for more information!

  • Superior Accessibility 
  • Safer and Easier to Load & Unload
  • 2000 lb Ramp Capacity
  • Built-In
  • Replaces Rear Factory Doors

Built-In Ramp Systems

RAM ProMaster folding Ramp
  • Portable Lightweight Aluminum Ramp System
  • Makes Loading and Unloading a Breeze
  • Patented Non-Slip Surface Maximizes Traction
  • Takes Up Less Than 12” of Cargo Space
  • Ramps are Rated at 1,000 lb and 1,500 lb Capacities

Fold-Away Ramp Systems

  • Designed to Look Like Factory with Excellent Functionality
  • Safely Transport up to 5 Passengers and all the tools for your trade
  • Crash-Tested and FMVSS Compliant

Crew Cab Upfit