Carolina Automotive Design Solutions is proud to offer the biggest, toughest, and most durable ramp in the industry! Our Ramp System is one of the first, built-in, walk-in-walk-out ramps in the industry! And more importantly, our walk-in-walk-out ramp, provides the ultimate in safety and efficiency for your business and employees.


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With a weight rating capacity of 2,000 lbs, this full-width ramp can, and will handle almost anything that needs to be loaded and unloaded. From lawnmowers to golf carts, from refrigerators to sofas, our ramps allows superior access and loading capabilities. No more stepping into and out of vans with the risk of injury. Our ramp is full-width from side to side and from top to bottom. More space for loading and unloading means a safer platform for your employees to work with.

With its unique, torsion-spring lift assist, this ramp is a cinch to raise and lower, making multiple stops a breeze. It’s incredibly versatile because the ramp can be lowered and raised on uphill and downhill slopes. As well, by adding our new ramp legs to this ramp, you now have an efficient work table that allows you to perform a myriad of tasks with ease and safety!

Safety, efficiency and versatility is what this new ramp can offer you! Available for the medium roof Ford Transit and all ProMaster models. Call us today, and let us help your company get all the details to get started!